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Achieve a Springtime Glow with a PRP Facial

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Are you looking for a way to get younger, smoother skin for a fresh-faced, springtime glow? You don’t have to turn to plastic surgeons to get the look you deserve. Book an appointment with our team at Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics in Fresno, California, and we’ll deliver a non-invasive, effective “facelift” with a simple two-step, in-office treatment.

At Sylvan Weight Loss and Aesthetics, our team combines the art of microneedling with the power of platelet-rich plasma to create a PRP facial rejuvenation therapy you’ll love. It’s holistic, it’s minimally invasive, and it works for any skin type.

How PRP facials work

A PRP facial has two steps. In the first step, we create a biocompatible solution derived and concentrated from your own blood that will enhance your body’s natural healing ability. In the second step, we apply the solution below the surface of your skin using a handheld pen with tiny needles to kickstart the regenerative process.

Step one: PRP creation

Your blood has red blood cells, white blood cells, and powerful platelets, all suspended in plasma. Your practitioner draws a small vial of blood from your arm and centrifuges it to filter out the red and white blood cells while concentrating the platelets in a small amount of the plasma.

The resulting “platelet-rich” plasma is full of growth factors that boost your body’s ability to heal. Your practitioner injects it into your skin, and the PRP goes to work rebuilding structures just below the surface, plumping out fine lines and wrinkles and minimizing pore size while helping to fade and fill in acne scars.

Step two:microneedling

You’ll be relaxing while the centrifuge runs. When your practitioner returns with the prepared PRP, the second step of treatment begins. They’ll use the handheld device to gently prick your face in the areas that need rejuvenation — it’s a process called “microneedling.” This process is only slightly uncomfortable, and you’ll be able to ice away any lingering tingling once you get home. 

This process delivers the PRP into the deeper layers of your skin. Your body reacts as if it has been injured, sending out signals to begin restoring and renewing itself. The microneedling and PRP application restart collagen production, a process that naturally slows with age, creating new scaffolding to support your facial skin. Microneedling also encourages the production of elastin, which increases your skin’s elasticity. The result is skin that’s smoother, tighter, and more evenly toned and textured, with a healthy glow you’ll be proud to show off.

Are you ready for rejuvenation with a PRP facial? Contact our office by phone at 559-432-3438 or request an appointment online today.

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