Micro Infusion (baby botox)

Micro Infusion

Innovative skincare treatment 

Microinfusion is a forward-thinking skincare treatment that is taking the beauty industry by storm! You may have already heard about it, but are wondering exactly what it is exactly. A typical microinfusion session involved 20 fine needles. Don’t worry yet; these needles are barely the width of one strand of hair. They are infused with a magical mix of ingredients that are perfect for enhancing your skins natural beauty and brightness. Keep in mind that each clinic has its own unique recipe, so you may need to do shop around before you find the perfect balance.

What can microinfusion help me with?

Microinfusion is perfect for people wanting a fresh and dewy glow to their skin. It can assist with lighting dark circles under the eyes, hydrating the skin, and reducing pore size. It also tightens the skin to alleviate signs of aging. Microinfusion is more effective on people who take care of their skin regularly. This includes a strong skincare regime, along with good sun protection. If your skincare isn’t up to scratch, try and get that in order before investing money in this treatment. Microinfusion can cost anywhere from $500 to $700. The price changes depending on what kind of products you want in your custom mix!

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